14 October 2006

An ER That Deserved Its Closing

One summer, I developed severe dehydration while working at Camp Sheep Macky. My father, distrustful of ambulances and the area hospital, drove me home an hour away to an even worse greeting. Mom accompanied me in the waiting room of the Emergency Room, where the receptionist, after hearing of my condition, promptly allowed me to nearly lose consciousness for a half hour before remembering to admit me.

Once in a hospital bed, in a customarily indecent gown, a nurse took my vital signs, and left me alone for another half hour. Nobody so much as offered a drink, even after I explained my situation. A second one entered the room, stuck a needle in my arm, and let me whither for yet another hour. (The Emergency Room? Hey, my life is ticking away here...) The doctor (who, on a visit the previous year, mistook an eye infection that nearly blinded me for a bad allergy attack) came in and fetched my dinner, the least they could give after my rough time. He asked how the IV drip was going. I pointed to the needle in my arm, which was not connected to any machine. I heard the man holler "Oh my God!" and rush out of the room.

Another hour later, dinner was served. The doctor returned and again asked how the IV was doing. Deja vu. This time, however, a team of nurses returned in a swift 15 minutes with a machine. Unfortunately, none of the five had any idea how to work the brand new computerized machine, nor did they do a very good job of comforting me. By some miracle (I think someone finally read the instruction manual), the thing actually worked despite the confusion. A full 6 hours from the time I arrived, I was free to return home.

I cheered the day a rival hospital bought that place and took over ER operations.

lol..Forgive me if I think that some of your impressions are inaccurate, but it still sounds like a rough time.

No surprise on the closing, eh?
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